Water Samurai Kaz


★ ★ ★ ★

You can obtain Kaz from Mystical Scroll, Mystical Summon, Water Scroll, Legendary Scroll, Temple of Wishes, Hall of Heroes July 2015 and April 2017 Hall of Heroes Returns

His 3rd skill hits hard with high speed but his a little bit squishy. There’s simply no one in the game that can survive after his 3rd skill unleashed.


  • Wield: Quickly draws the sword to attack the enemy, decreasing the target’s Defense for 2 turns with a 50% chance. This skill has a 10% chance to activate the Sword of the Supreme Sky Wolf.
  • Air Slash: Shoots a sharp energy from the sword. Your Attack Speed is increased for 2 turns if this attack lands as a Critical Hit. This skill has a 20% chance to activate the Sword of the Supreme Sky Wolf. (Reusable in 3 turns)
  • Charging Slash: Quickly draws a sword to attack the enemy 2 times, with each attack having a 50%  chance to decrease the target’s Attack Bar by 50%. The damage increases according to your Attack Speed. This skill has a 50% chance to activate the Sword of the Supreme Sky Wolf. (Reusable in 5 turns)
  • Sword of the Supreme Sky Wolf: Attacks all enemies with a secret skill that deals substantial damage that ignores all beneficial effects that reduces the inflicted damage. Generates a shield which is proportionate to your level and lasts for 1 turn if Sword of the Supreme Sky Wolf is activated.


  • Nuker Type – Fatal and Blade (SPD/CritD%/ATK%)
  • Fast Build + Immunity – Swift and Will (SPD/CritD%/ATK%)
  • Extra Turn = Violent and Blade (SPD/CritD%/ATK%)

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