Summoners War Growth Support Event with FREE Ancient Coins and Mystical Scrolls

Hi Summoners! Join the exciting new event the Summoners War Growth Support Event where you get FREE Ancient Coins and Mystical Scrolls. You’ll also received FREE 20 Energy and 50,000 Mana Stones when you complete a mission every day! This a special event is to help Summoners to grow and will run from June 3 to July 7, 2018.


  • Check-in
  • Send SP to a friend
  • Use a friend’s Monster
  • Power-up a Rune
  • Use Mana Stones
  • Evolve a Monster to 4★
  • Awaken a default 3★+ Monster
  • Summon a 3★+ Monster
  • Use Glory Points
  • Use Crystals

* Please check the event page for more info on each mission.
* Your gameplay will be recorded in all missions starting the first day of the event.
* A new mission will be available on the next day after you collect your reward, so please make sure to collect the reward when you complete the missions.

REWARDS (Mission Completion Cumulative Rewards)

  • Day 1: EXP Booster (12H)
  • Day 3: Mystical Scroll x1 + Essence (MID) x10 of each attribute
  • Day 5: Ancient Coin x20
  • Day 7: Mystical Scroll x1 + Essence (High) x5 of each attribute
  • Day 10: 4★ Rainbowmon (Lv. MAX)
  • Day 15: Mystical Scroll x3

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