Summoners War Friendship Event

Hi Summoners! here’s another great event by Com2Us, the Summoners War Friendship Event. All you need to do is finish different missions and fill up your Friendship Gauge, received rewards such as Mana Stones and Energy according to the number of missions that you and your friend completed. You may also receive Crystals, Mystical Scrolls, EXP Booster and even Devilmon from Friendship Gauge Rewards. What are you waiting for? Choose your best buddy and play Summoners War together!. Summoners War Friendship Event will run from March 22 – April 3, 2016.

Here’s the full details of Summoners War Friendship Event:


Clear Missions With Your Friend!
Receive Mana Stones and Energy for the 1st/3rd/5th mission you clear! (Total of 5 missions)
You can get additional rewards if your friend clears 3 missions!

My Mission Reward

  • Clear 1 Mission: 10,000 Mana Stones
  • Clear 3 Missions: 30,000 Mana Stones
  • Clear 5 Missions: 30 Energy + 30,000 Mana Stones

Friend’s Mission Reward
3 Missions cleared by your friend: 30 Energy + 30,000 Mana Stones

  • The Friendship Gauge will be filled up by 1 every time you collect the mission reward.
  • The mission count resets every day at 8am PDT.
  • You can still continue to carry out Event 1 even if your Friendship Gauge (Event 2) is full.

Friendship Event summonerswaronline_com

Fill Up the Friendship Gauge!
Build up friendship by filling up the Friendship Gauge!
Fill up the Friendship Gauge 4/10/15/20/30 times to receive rewards!
*Complete the missions of Event 1 to fill up the gauge.

Friendship Gauge Rewards

  • 4 times – 50 Energy + 50,000 Mana Stones
  • 10 times – 100 Crystals
  • 15 times – 2 Mystical Scrolls
  • 20 times – 150 Crystals + EXP Booster(12h)
  • 30 times – Devilmon

Rewards available until April 4, 2016 and you can only choose your in-game friends to pair up for this event. Get more news and latest updates by visiting us again here at and our Facebook page (

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