What’s new with Summoners War v3.2.5 Update?

Hi Summoners! Here’s what’s new with Summoners War v3.2.5 Update? Now with new monster added (Unicorn), Legendary Piece Crafting, Ifrit Summoning Mastery and the Skill Balancing and Improvements on Monster

•  A new 5 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ monster, UNICORN, has been added.

• New Ifrit Summoning Master Achievement has been added.

  • The Ifrit Attribute Scroll which you can use to summon Ifrit in the attribute of your choice (Fire/Water/Wind) will be given as a reward when you summon Ifrit 5 times.
  • Summonings performed via Monster Fusion won’t count, but it’ll count towards your Achievement if you’ve already summoned Ifrit before.
  • The record of your previous Ifrit Summoning will be replaced with the number of times you purchased the [Ifrit Summoning Piece] that’s available at the Guild Shop. (10 purchases will be recognized as Summoning 1 time)

•  Legendary Summonig Piece Crafting has been added in the Craft Building
– Collect 10 Frozen Water Crystals, 10 Flaming Fire Crystals and 10 Whirling Wind Crystals as well as 2 default 4★ Monsters in order to Craft a Legendary Summoning Piece.

• UI Modifications

  • MAX Level, EXP and Monster name display has been improved in the Monster Info Window.
  • The MAX limit of items you can possess will now be shown at the [Summoner’s Tower] – [Storage: Craft].
  • The Rune grade display has been improved in the Rune Info UI.

Monster Skill Balancing and Improvements (Check full details here)

Whats new with Summoners War v3 2 5 Update

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