Summoners War unveils Fire Samurai Jun as March Hall of Heroes

Hi Summoners!  Summoners War unveils Fire Samurai Jun as Hall of Heroes for the month of March. SW Hall of Heroes event will start on March 10-13, 2017. Build your best team to beat this fire slashing monster, because this event really is extremely difficult to kill. To summon Jun, simply collect 50 Summoning Pieces and summon it Summonhenge.


  • Enter the Hall of Heroes
    Location: [Battle] – [Cairos Dungeons] – [Hall of Heroes]
  • Clear the Hall of Heroes
    The Hall of Heroes consists of 10 stages.
    The required Energy amount will be the same for all 10 stages and 25 Summoning Pieces will be given as a reward for clearing each stage.
    You won’t be able to re-enter the stage once you clear it.
    (You’ll get a total of 250 Summoning Pieces when you clear all 10 stages.)
  • Gather Summoning Pieces to summon a Fire Samurai. The summoning will require 50 Summoning Pieces.

Fire Samurai is also considered as the strongest samurai mob in the game. Check out here on how to build your Jun. Get the latest news and updates, by visiting our Facebook: /SummonersWarOnline.

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