Summoners War Rune Removal Event May 2016

Hi Summoners! your monthly Summoners War Rune Removal Event is back once again and it’s coming this May 7, 2016, an event where you can remove your Runes without a any cost your Mana. Take advantage of this rune removal event because this only happens once a month, just for one (1) day.

Rune Removal summonerswaronline_com

Summoners War Rune Removal Event Schedule:

  • May 7th 12am – May 8th 12am
  • Based on the server time – Global(PDT), Asia(TST), Europe(CEST)

Just make sure to to restart the game to take advantage of this event if you’re logged in at the start of the event. Get the latest news and updates, just visit us again here at or on our Facebook page Summoners War Online (

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