Summoners War Mission Event in Celebrating of 60 Million Downloads

Hi Summoners! Here’s another great event for Com2us, the Ellia and Durand’s Summoners War Mission Event! this is in celebrating 60 Million downloads of Summoners War. Get various rewards from from Ellia’s Missions by using certain amount of Energy to get rewards while exciting rewards awaits from Durand’s Missions by completing number of missions (Missions -> Daily Mission -> Complete Mission). Event will start on May 20 June 2, 2016. Enjoy!

To know more what rewards awaits you, please see below:

Rewards for Durand’s Missions

  • 50 Energy for completing the Mission X 1
  • 100,000 Mana Stones for completing the Mission X 2
  • 50 Summoning Stones completing the Mission X 3
  • 100 Crystals completing the Mission X 5
  • 100 Energy + Angelmon (Water/Wind/Fire) for completing the Mission X 7
  • 1x EXP Booster (12hr) + 1x 4? Rainbowmon (MAX Lv.) for the additional Rewards from Durand

Rewards for Ellia’s Missions

  • 50 Energy by using 100 Energy
  • 1 Mystical Scroll by using 300 Energy
  • 100,000 Mana Stones + 3-star Rainbowmon (MAX Lv.) by using 600 Energy
  • 100 Crystals by using 1,000 Energy
  • 2 Mystical Scrolls by using 1,500 Energy
  • Additional Reward from Ellia! 200 Crystals

Summoners War Mission Event with Celebrating 60 Million Downloads

Just remember to complete Mission 7 times and use a total of 1,500 Energy to get the additional rewards from Durand and Ellia. Here’s more! for your final reward, get additional “Devilmon” when you complete all missions from Durand and Ellia.

So don’t miss out this another big event guys! Tap on the Event Icon on the game for full details. For latest news and updates, visit us again here at or on our Facebook page(

For full event details please visit and Summoners War (Philippines) Official.

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