Summoners War Incoming Events and Light Paladin Fusion

Hi summoners! with the anticipation of new Light Paladin, check out list of Summoners War Incoming Events and Light Paladin Fusion and even the Light Cow Girl on secret dungeon. Please see below details:

Angelmon/Rainbowmon/Devilmon Dungeons Open
September 22-24, 2017
1. [Angelmon Dungeon] September 22-24, 2017
2. [Rainbowmon Dungeon] September 23, 2017
3. [Devilmon Dungeon] September 23, 2017

World Arena New Tournament Event (Special League) and Fusion Recipe
Real-Time Arena
– Season 2 end:September 28, 2017
– Season 3 start: October 16, 2017

World Arena Special League (14 days tournament)
– Start: September 29, 2017
– End: October 12, 2017
– Shop: Keeper of Magic Ifrit Transmogrification, Flaming Conqueror’s Fury Transmogrification Effect, Luminous Sky Pegasus, Medal Exchange.

New Monster Fusion
– Light Paladin (5 star)
– Fire Harp Magician (4 star)
– Water Samurai (4 star)

New Secret Dungeon
– Light Cow Girl on Light Dungeon day starting September 24, 2017

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