Summoners War Daily Check-in Event

Hi Summoners! As part of Summoners War 2nd Year Anniversary, Here’s Daily Check-in Event where you can received lots of Energy,  Mana Stones, some Rainbowmons and Summoning Scrolls. All you to do is Check in every day from April 11 to 20, 2016 and get those exciting rewards. Here’s more details about the schedule and awards listed below:

  • Day 1: 50 Energy
  • Day 2: 100,000 Mana Stones
  • Day 3: 100 Energy
  • Day 4: 2★ & 3★ Rainbowmon (Max Lv.) (total of 2 Rainbowmons)
  • Day 5: Fire/Water/Wind Summoning Scrolls (1 each) (total of 3 Attribute Summoning Scrolls)

Summoners War Daily Check-in Event

For more details, you tap the Event Icon on the right side of the main menu of the game and select the the event banner to check the event page. For latest updates, visit us again here at or our Facebook page ( Happy Leveling Up!

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