Summoners War 2nd Year Anniversary Events Schedule

Happy Anniversary to all summoners out there! Summoners War is now celebrating it’s 2nd Anniversary and they will be giving big surprises and big events as part of their month-long celebration. It’s a arrays of events with loads of surprise gifts and rewards just for you. Check below for more details of Summoners War 2nd Year Anniversary Events Schedule :


  • April 11-20, 2016: Daily Check-in Event (It’s a event where all you need is to check in once a day and get various rewards)
  • April 11-24, 2016: Find the 2 Year Anniversary Cakes Event (Where you need to collect those Cakes and also get various rewards)
  • April 20: Coming Soon!
  • April 22: Coming Soon!

Summoners War 2nd Year Anniversary Events Schedule SummonersWarOnline_com


  • April 15-18, 2016: Angelmon/Rainbowmon/Devilmon Dungeons!
  • April 16-18, 2016: Double Burning Time Event! (For 1 hour, the EXP and Mana Stone acquisition will both be doubled at the same time during the sessions)
    • 1st Session: 8am – 9am
    • 2nd Session: 12pm – 1pm
    • 3rd Session: 8pm – 9pm
    • 4th Session: 12am – 1am
  • April 17-18, 2016: 5 Wishes per day!
  • April 20, 2016: Coming Soon!
  • April 28, 2016: Coming Soon!

So don’t miss out this big events guys! Tap on the Event Icon on the game for full details. For latest news and updates, visit us again here at or on our Facebook page (

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