Dark Vagabond Jubelle

★ ★ ★

You can obtain Jubelle from Dark Secret Dungeon and from Light & Darkness Scroll

Food for Light Vagabond. Darion is far better than him


  • Awakened Skill: Increases Attack Speed by 15
  • Slash Rocks: Attacks an enemy with a giant sword, inflicting damage proportionate to your MAX HP and decreasing the target’s Defense for 2 turns with a 40% chance.
  • Taunting Strike: Attacks an enemy with a humiliating strike, provoking the target with a 70% chance. (Reusable in 3 turns)
  • Wanderer (Passive): Decreases the chances of receiving a Critical Hit by 50%, and decreases the cool-time of your skill each time you’re attacked. (Automatic Effect)

Dark Vagabond Jubelle

Dark Vagabond Jubelle can be as a Hybrid Attacker with Revenge/Nemesis rune or a Beast crusher with a Violent/Revenge rune with all HP% and at least has resistance substat in each rune.

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